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Cross-sector partnerships have emerged as an important way for leaders to take joint action to address complex issues and achieve desired outcomes. Given the many challenges of working effectively across sectors, the iSector provides a variety of services to leaders from government, philanthropic, private, and civic organizations.

The iSector Provides:
  • A Forum – where leaders can work together on an equal playing field; we support their work, help the leverage needed resources and provide guidance as they develop innovative solutions and implement action plans.
  • Consultation – advice on how to tackle public issues that need cross sector involvement to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Issue Assessment – gather and analyze information on issues and opportunities; assess the potential for successful partnership and make recommendations on whether and how to proceed.
  • Intermediary Services – assists leaders in taking steps necessary to engage leaders from different sectors and engage in successful partnerships.
  • Advocacy – drives needed action to enable partnerships.
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