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Oregon's Housing Deficit
Barriers to Housing Production in Oregon

This technical report summarizes research conducted by the University of Oregon’s Institute for Policy Research & Engagement (IPRE). Its intent was to develop a comprehensive understanding of factors that are hampering housing production in Oregon.

Oregon Housing Needs Analysis (OHNA)

The OHNA offers recommendations on how the state of Oregon, and its communities, can work together to make real progress in addressing our housing crisis by balancing regulatory authority and shared accountability with incentives and public resources to create housing solutions.

Housing Innovations
Defining Key Housing Construction Terms

This article outlines terminology used for innovations in building materials and the home construction process. It provides basic definitions and highlights some benefits and drawbacks of: on-site construction, stick-built construction, 3D-printed homes, modular housing, manufactured homes, and CrossMod homes.


Offsite Construction
Offsite Construction for Housing: Research Roadmap

HUD report presenting key knowledge gaps and research needs to overcome barriers and challenges to offsite construction in the U.S. It covers the following six areas in need of coordinated research efforts: Regulatory and Policy Framework; Standards and System Performance; Capital, Finance, and Insurance; Project Delivery and Contracts; Labor and Workforce Training and Management; and Business Models and Economic Performance.

Mass Timber
Assessment of the Mass Timber Housing Ecosystem in Oregon

Prepared by EcoNorthwest, Trillium Advisors, the Oregon iSector, Oregon Mass Timber Coalition, and Port of Portland. The report dives into the modular construction industry, the mass timber industry, workforce and entrepreneurship opportunities in this space, and the potential for mass timber modular housing factories.


Oregon Mass Timber Coalition (OMTC)

View the OMTC’s website to find information on the potential for and industry growth of mass timber, sustainability, and the opportunities for mass timber housing solutions.

Workforce Housing
Unlocking the Potential of Missing Middle Housing

UC Berkeley’s Terner Center for Housing Innovation has published this brief examining barriers that developers of missing middle housing are facing, the history of missing middle housing, and why facilitating this type of development can be beneficial.

Re-Legalizing Middle Housing (AARP)

A model act and guide to statewide legislation on middle income housing created for state and local leaders. This report outlines lessons learned from past legislative efforts to enable middle housing in Oregon and nationwide. It also describes a model act for middle housing in regards to requirements, responsibilities of the State, and implementation efforts.