Social Innovation Impact Report – California Governor Gavin Newsom’s report highlights the $3.9 Billion in corporate and philanthropic partnerships that have been developed to aid the State’s housing efforts, COVID-19 response, and more. See

Social Innovation Symposium: a video featuring Governor Newsom and other leaders discussing California’s Public-Private Partnership initiative.

Governing in Partnership – an article that describes how governments can partner with philanthropy, nonprofits, and businesses to magnify their social impact. Stanford Social Innovation Review

Aspen Institute’s Intersector Project –  a resource hub dedicated to advancing effective collaboration among the business, government, and non-profit sectors in the United States. For an extensive list of case studies and other materials about cross-sector partnerships see their resource library at:

“The Intersector” –  a book by Daniel P. Gitterman and Neil Britto, recently published by Brookings Institute, explores how cross-sector collaboration can solve seemingly intractable societal problems.

Collaborative Cities, A Guide for Designing, Implementing, and Sustaining Strategic Partnerships –  available for download from Bloomberg Philanthropies. The guide offers a playbook for city leaders looking to build and strengthen partnerships. The examples and best practices highlighted in the guide illustrate the possibilities of cross-sector collaboration and some of the steps leaders can take to better their chances of success.

“I firmly believe this is an innovative solution to the issues we are facing,” said Mayor Travis Stovall, Gresham, Oregon. Turnkey project in East Multnomah County

Travis Stovall

Mayor, Gresham, Oregon, Turnkey project in East Multnomah County