Through the first and second rounds of Project Turnkey, $125 million of legislative funds were distributed to nonprofit organizations and local entities across 18 of Oregon’s 36 counties, creating 1,384 units, an investment that resulted in a 36% increase in Oregon’s year-round shelter bed capacity. All of these are locally owned and operated and in addition to shelter services they provide onsite behavioral health, medical services, housing navigation, case management, and other resources necessary to provide a path into permanent housing. 

In 2022, in the face of Oregon’s ongoing housing crisis, the Legislature allocated $50 million for a second round of Project Turnkey. Funds were administered by the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) through a competitive grant application, with the goal of providing award funds as a strategic investment to support communities with short-term emergency shelter that can be converted to permanent housing in the long term. 

Project Turnkey 2.0 has now wrapped up, resulting in the acquisition of 13 sites across 11 counties, creating 517 units to shelter unhoused community members. 

Notable differences in this second round of funding were: a more deliberate timeline with a longer application process which allowed for more engagement with culturally specific providers, resulting in two tribal entities acquiring properties; and, the expansion of eligible property types, beyond just hotels and motels, to include other existing properties such as an old school in Curry County now supporting students in an alternative vocational program and an apartment complex in Ontario where a hotel was not a tenable option in the first round. 

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