The Oregon iSector & Regional Rural Revitalization Strategy Consortium (R3)

Providing Technical Assistance for

Rural Housing Production

Are you a rural community looking to develop housing? Do you know of a site(s) that could be developed with additional investment or technical assistance?

Fill out our Community Housing Readiness Assessment, a short questionnaire aimed at gathering insights on the opportunities and challenges of housing production in your area.

More about this work

The Oregon iSector and R3 are working together to provide direct technical assistance and connection across sectors, helping rural communities statewide to address their local housing needs. Currently, there is no comprehensive inventory of the barriers that rural jurisdictions face in producing needed housing for their citizens. It is important that such an inventory is created for several reasons:

1.  While large cities have the staff to conduct studies and take action to address barriers, smaller jurisdictions do not.

2.  All jurisdictions have unique challenges, and strategies to produce housing differ. Identifying specific challenges city by city is critical to providing necessary assistance.

3.  As the State develops funding and policy that addresses housing barriers, it is important that rural jurisdictions have a way to communicate their needs to ensure that State plans support their unique needs.

4.  There are public, private, and civic resources that can be put together in new ways to more accurately and rapidly address barriers to housing development.

5.  The Inventory will help inform housing developers of opportunities for housing production.

We have developed a short questionnaire, the Community Housing Readiness Assessment, aimed at gathering insights into specific housing production opportunities and challenges of rural communities. Results from the Assessment will be used by the iSector and R3 team to develop strategies for each jurisdiction to support around housing production, and to deploy on-the-ground technical assistance and access to financing, zoning, public facilities, development, and other expertise. We ask that you complete the Readiness Assessment for each plot of land you, or your city, is interested in developing for housing.

Have questions? Please reach out to your nearest iSector representative: 

The Coast – Keith Tymchuk,

Willamette Valley & Southern Oregon – Michael Morter,

Central & Eastern Oregon – Eva Henes,