The Oregon iSector provides a platform for launching cross-sector partnerships to enable leaders in communities throughout the state to work together to address challenges and seize opportunities to build a thriving Oregon.

Partnerships are not always easy. Each sector has different modes of operating, timeline incentives, different constraints, etc. To help overcome these challenges we have developed the Oregon iSector partnership model and a set of principles to guide partnerships.

We provide leaders with tools, knowledge, and support including the following services:

  • We serve as a broker and intermediary connecting leaders from across sectors and helping them form iSector partnerships.
  • We advise and support leaders as they initiate and conduct iSector partnerships.
  • We host iSector partnerships and help leverage resources and create needed infrastructure.
  • We promote sound operating principles and practices for Oregon iSector partnerships.
  • We advocate for policies, develop systems, and secure resources to support Oregon iSector partnerships.
  • We help investors find co-investment partners from across sectors to enhance and broaden their impact.
  • We support a network of leaders from key institutions and sectors across Oregon who cooperate in helping launch Oregon iSector partnerships.

At the Oregon iSector, we strive to create an inclusive culture where diversity of background, perspective, culture, and experience are valued. We understand the need to break down barriers causing systemic inequalities, and together with our partners are committed to fighting for justice and equity. 

“The public sector may no longer be capable of solving big problems by itself. The nonprofit sector may want for authority and resources alike. And the private sector may be primarily motivated by profits. But in the end, their interests are intertwined, because the success of each, indeed, of the great American experiment itself, depends on finding new ways to address the many challenges before us.”

Frank A. Well

Founding Chair, The Intersector Project, The Aspen Institute’s Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation

Champions for Partnerships

The following organizations join the Oregon iSector in championing the use of public-private-civic partnerships to enable groups to work together to integrate and leverage their resources to achieve better outcomes for Oregon communities.