The Oregon iSector

New Systems for Community Innovation

At the Oregon iSector, we provide leaders from across sectors with a platform and infrastructure that enables them to initiate and conduct successful partnerships that utilize their collective capacities to meet our state’s most pressing challenges. We imagine a sector where leaders from the public, private, and civic sectors can seize opportunities to integrate and leverage resources, taking unified action on complex economic, environmental, and social challenges to build a more thriving Oregon. A new sector where synergies among the sectors lead to innovative solutions.

Current Programs & Initiatives

Rural Community Investment (RISP)

A partnership with USDA Rural Development exploring how once-in-a-generation funding opportunties offer a chance for catalytic positive change in underserved communities of the Pacific Northwest.

Housing Innovation (HIP)

A collaborative of over 35 organizations working to develop and implement new innovations as a way to respond to Oregon’s housing crisis.

Rural Housing Production

Together with the R3 Strategies Consortium we are providing direct technical assistance to rural jurisdictions in Oregon looking to produce housing.

Mass Timber Housing

Members from across sectors working together to expand the use of Mass Timber in housing construction.

What an iSector Partnership Looks Like,

The Housing Innovation Partnership

Oregon is in a tie for last in having the worst housing deficit in the United States. In a crisis, there is a lot of chaos and it can be hard to see the way forward. People tend to double down on preserving the institutions that have been developed over time, but we need to look at this housing crisis objectively and understand that we will not get out of it by doing things the same way we have been. We need a new set of tools.

To that end, a Housing Innovation Partnership has been initiated to bring leaders together to develop and implement an innovative plan to help produce more housing units as soon as possible. The partners come from all sectors – government, business, the nonprofit world, and foundations – committed to addressing our state’s current housing crisis through innovation, systems change, and community implementation.

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Champions for Partnerships

The following organizations join the Oregon iSector in supporting the use of public-private-civic partnerships to enable groups to work together to integrate and leverage their resources to achieve better outcomes for Oregon communities.